Devin Cromartie, MD, MPH
Councilor 2021-2024

Siu Ping Chin Feman MD, FAPA

Councilor 2022-2025

Hannah Larsen MD
Councilor 2022-2025

Giuseppe Raviola, MD, MPH
Councilor 2021-2024

Cristina Montalvo, MD., MBS
Councilor 2022-2023

Adeliza Olivero, MD, FAPA
Councilor 2020-2023

APA Representative

Madelyn Hicks, MD, FRCPsych, FAPA
APA Representative  2022-2025

Michelle Durham, MD, MPH, FAPA 

APA Representative 2020 -2023

Daniel Breslin, MD
APA Representative 2022-2023

Renee Sorrentino, MD
APA Representative 2021-2024


Resident Fellow Member

Gabriel Felix, MD

Resident Fellow Member


Chapter Presidents

Southeastern Mass Chapter
Christine Amis, MD

Western Mass Chapter
Nora Schwartz-Martin, MD



Article IX -The Council

Section 1. The Council of the MPS shall be responsible to provide for and oversee implementation of the policies of the MPS that are not otherwise assigned.
Section 2. The voting members of the Council shall be the five officers, the six Councilors, all Representatives to the Assembly of the APA, the Member-in- Training Representative to the Council and the President of each Chapter .
Section 3. A majority of the voting members of the Council shall constitute a quorum.
Section 4. The Council shall meet eight times each year and at such times as the President may decide. By petition, one-third of its voting members may call a special meeting of the Council.
Section 5. The responsibilities of the Council shall include: (1) interpreting the provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws; (2) establishing dues and assessments for the several categories of membership;(3) authorizing expenditures from the funds of the MPS to implement its goals and purposes; (4) appointing an Executive Director who shall function as a full-time administrator of the MPS; (5) acting upon matters referred from any organizational entity; and (6) performing all other acts consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws that may be needed to carry out the purposes and resolves of the MPS.
Section 6. The Council may, at its discretion, delegate to the Executive Committee, composed of the President, President-Elect, the Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the designated Representative, authority to act on matters which require action prior to the next Council meeting, providing that all such actions are reported at the next scheduled meeting of the Council. Such delegation shall not include the expenditure of funds of greater than an amount specified by the Council