Early Career Psychiatrist (ECP) Interest Group

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           Justine Lazatin, MD                       Martina  Sinopoli, MD

November 2020 Committee Report
Early Career Psychiatry (ECP) Group is focused on providing helpful content to psychiatrists in residency/fellowship training, potential medical students joining the field, as well as those within 5 years of completing their residency/fellowship training. We plan to do so by providing exposure to psychiatry in fields outside of academia, making mentorship available, as well as setting up a platform for members to share their own experience in regard to issues that may arise during or after training. Some activities ECP have provided within the past year include information session about legal issues in practicing psychiatry, virtual social events, Statewide virtual residency fair, and guest speakers to discuss their own career paths. The ultimate goal is to provide a positive experience in ECP, set our members for success, and for them to stay engaged with MPS throughout their careers.

The Early Career Psychiatry Committee was established in 2018 through the leadership of Ashley Matskevich MD, who was then the Resident Fellow Member of the MPS Council. Membership is open to all MPS members who are within 7 years of completing residency or Fellowship training as well as current psychiatrists in training.  The committee has met at regular intervals since that time and has established a steering committee and liaison with the major Massachusetts Psychiatric Residency Programs.  The Committee sponsored a Career Day event in October 2019 and hosted multiple gatherings to discuss career path opportunity and development; the committee plans to continue to host educational and social events of relevance to Early Career Psychiatrists. The Committee has met with the MPS Retirement Committee to discuss opportunities for mentorship and referrals and has sponsored group mentoring sessions.  The Committee also works with other groups in MPS to support legislative training for early career members.

Mission Statement:

  • To provide collegiality and support for members during their training and 7 years post training;
  • To promote engagement of Early Career Psychiatrist in the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society;
  • To provide input to leadership of MPS concerning early career issues and trends that will impact their professional lives in the future;
  • To prepare the next generation of MPS leaders and support the mission of MPS;
  • To provide educational opportunities concerning issues important to early Career Psychiatrists;
  • To sponsor family friendly social events for Early Career Psychiatrists;
  • To liaison with RFM co-chairs of MPS committees, the RFM and ECP members of the MPS Council and with APA RFM and ECP representatives and activities.