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2017 Geriatric Committee Report (Eran Metzger, MD, Resident Co-Leader Rachel Meyen, MD)

Dr. Eran Metzger assumed the role as chair of the Geriatrics Committee in the spring of this year replacing Dr. David Harnett who served as chair for 18 years.  In the past year, the Geriatrics Committee has presented lectures on Criminal Evaluations in the Geriatric Populations by Dr. Jacob Holzer, Prevention and Treatment Initiatives in Alzheimer’s Disease by Dr. Nancy J. Donovan, Seth Gale, Gabriella Ruiz, Ketamine Infusion in the Treatment of Depression by Dr. Bruce Kaster, and Harnessing State of the Art Technology for Geriatric Psychiatric Care by Dr. Ipsit Vahia.  Next month Dr. Metzger will provide a presentation on Medical Ethics Issues in Long Term Care.  The Committee will continue to hold bi-monthly meetings featuring scholarly presentations, legislative updates, and opportunities for networking.



Geriatrics Committee



Article XVI –Committees

There shall be the following standing Committees of the MPS: Executive, Nominating, Membership, Constitution and Bylaws, Fellowship, Ethics and Continuing Medical Education.

The President may establish or eliminate other committees or other organizational entities as may be necessary to implement the objectives of the MPS.

All Chairs of MPS committees or other entities are to be appointed yearly by the President [except where otherwise specified in the Constitution and Bylaws and shall be limited to three consecutive terms] unless this term limit is overridden by a two-thirds vote of the MPS Executive Committee.

No member of the MPS or organizational unit thereof shall speak in the name of, or encumber the funds of, the MPS unless such power is specifically granted by the MPS President or by a formal action of the Council of the MPS.

Article XVII –Attendance

Attendance at meetings of the Council, committees or other organizational entities: shall be open to all members of the MPS except for the meetings of the Ethics Committee. All organizational entities of the MPS may go into Executive Session.