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APA's Telepsychiatry Toolkit – developed by the APA Work Group on Telepsychiatry – is an evolving resource for members who want to learn about the various aspects of telepsychiatry, including clinical, training, and policy considerations. As new topics emerge, more resources and information will be added to this toolkit. The toolkit covers topics from History, training, practice/clinical, reimbursement and legal issues from leading psychiatrists.

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The expanding use of mobile health (mHealth) technologies is unprecedented in the history of medicine. Every month, companies and researches release new smartphone apps, smart watches, and sensor technologies for the health care market. Psychiatry has been no exception to this trend. There has also been growing patient, clinical, government, and payer interest in the potential of mHealth technologies for psychiatric clinical care. Psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, and other mental health clinicians are increasingly faced with questions regarding the efficacy and risks of mobile and online apps. APA is helping Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals navigate these issues to ensure all important factors are considered and ultimately determine whether an app works for you and your patients. The material provided here covers why it is critical to rate an app, how best to evaluate an app and an opportunity to seek additional guidance on apps and/or the evaluation process.