Multicultural/Diversity Committee

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Astrid Desrosiers, MD              Destiny Pegram, MD, PGY-3             Brandon Newsome, MD                 


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November 2020 Committee Report

This year MCDC had a productive year, including participating in 3 town halls. This year we plan to interface with several committees including the Psychotherapy committee, ECP, and Psychiatry and Law Committee, and  the Alcohol and Substance Use Committee in order to promote discussions of topics related to health equity, diversity, and anti- racism. Several of our members also participate with the Anti-Racist Task Force to further promote this concept within the structure of MPS. 


The multicultural/ Diversity committee strives to enhance the quality of mental healthcare that underserved populations receive in MA by improving the cultural competency of MPS members through education, collaboration, and advocacy.



  1. To provide Massachusetts psychiatrists educational opportunities and institutional curriculums that will increase skills in working with diverse patient populations
  2. To offer a platform that can reduce issues of health disparities at a local, regional, and state level.
  3. To inform Massachusetts Psychiatrists of legislative advocacy opportunities that can reduce cultural disparities in healthcare.
  4. To encourage help seeking behaviors and service utilizations in minority groups through community outreach.
  5. To advise the MPS on cultural issues and act as advocate for underrepresented and culturally diverse populations in the community at large.