Public Sector Committee

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Parnika Saxena, MD, FAPA             Amber Thompson, MD               Brittany Gouse, MD


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Committee Report: November 2020

The Public Sector Committee went through some changes this summer. Siu Ping Chin Feman stepped down after chairing the Committee for the past 5 years and Parnika Saxena is the new Chair along with resident co-chair, Brittany Gouse. The last few months have been very busy in the wake of the impact of COVID on providers and clients of Public Sector and there have been fruitful discussions on finding ways to avoid interruption of mental health services. Members have been actively involved in discussing and acting on some of the most pressing issues in the zeitgeist including police brutality  as well as the impact of race in receiving services. We are also representing the interests of the MPS in the Masshealth 1115 Waiver discussions. The Legislative committee which is working on legislation with MPS Lobbyist Lisa Simonetti to advocate for collaborative care and services for patients of color, has many members of the Public Sector Committee. 

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